Organifi Complete Protein Review

My experience with Organifi Complete Protein – How does it do as a meal replacement?

Organifi Complete Protein: Proteins And Multivitamins All In One


My Experience


A lot of buzz concerning the Organifi Complete Protein has been going on and as usual, I’m apprehensive about trying anything new unless I’m sure it will bring positive outcomes. Somehow, the good Organifi protein reviews on the official page of this great product convinced me to buy it. All I needed was a clean supplement that I would use to incorporate proteins into my diet. I had been trying all sorts of supplements for energy boosts but none compares to Organifi Complete Protein. It turned out to be the best meal replacement I had been searching for. Over a period of 2 months, this multivitamin and protein shake has helped me in various ways and I want to share my experience with you. I want you to see how different this product is from other protein powders and why it is a better alternative to breakfast bars.


What’s inside the 2 in 1 multivitamin/protein shake?




Like any other meal substitute and protein supplement, the ingredients play a vital role as far as the product’s effectiveness goes. All the ingredients in this two-in-one protein/multivitamin shake are natural, vegan-friendly, and derived from superfoods. It has a good balance of digestive enzymes that promote the absorption of the other ingredients. Here is a list of Organifi complete protein ingredients.

  • Coconut: it’s one of my favorites. Coconut provides a naturally sweet savor and medium-chain triglycerides which minimize food cravings and boost metabolism. It also boosts the immunity.
  • Monk fruit: This sweet exotic fruit has a natural sweetness and contains tons of antioxidants. Apart from the antioxidants properties, the monk fruit helps in the modulation of blood sugar- it doesn’t add any sugar and is totally free of calories.
  • Pea protein: a very good source of proteins which are highly recommended for athletes. It has all the essential amino acids which aid in the repair of damaged tissues after a long day of physical activities.
  • Hemp protein: Hemp has been used since time immemorial as a wonderful source of protein. It has a flavor like that of almond butter, plus it highly digestible.
  • Quinoa protein: It contains flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory by nature. Quinoa is a complete protein i.e. it has all the 9 essential amino acids not to mention the BCAAs. Thus, it helps in healing of broken tissues, enhancing the skin, and minimizing inflammations.
  • Vanilla bean: it has an alluring scent and comes with loads of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It helps to boost body energy and balancing of moods.
  • Cinnamon: Apart from the amazing flavor and scent, cinnamon helps in weight-loss, improving cardiovascular health, boosting immunity, and fighting inflammations,
  • Plant-based vitamins: Organifi doesn’t use artificial vitamins. Rather, vitamins from vegetables and superfoods are dried, processed, and assimilated into the protein shake. 
  • Digestive enzymes: Enzymes protease, cellulase, lipase, and lactase are added to the protein shake to help with the digestion. These digestive enzymes break down the tough plant cell walls and other ingredients to facilitate a smooth digestive tract. So, your body finds it easier to absorb the ingredients of this protein shake.


How to use it

Besides replenishing your body with proteins, this unique creation by Drew Canole provides multi-vitamins. Making the powerful drink is simple: add 1 or 2 scoops of the powder to about 8 ounces of water. You can also use milk or any other drink you prefer. Rest assured that you will be getting a great dose of your daily vitamins, all of which are organic (plant-based) plus good proteins. You can have it at any time, twice a day.

Why Organifi Protein Powder stands out

Why it stands out


Unlike other protein shakes, this product has a wide array of vitamins and nutrients like omega 3s from MCT organic oil. Just like the other Organifi products, it doesn’t have GMOs, gluten, soy, or dairy ingredients. You can use the Organifi complete protein meal replacement before and after a workout, or as a snack any time of the day. Its benefits range from heightened immunity, improved fitness, smooth digestion, and high energy. In a nutshell, you have a complete nutritional source offering a great alternative to typical foods without the junky ingredients such as saturated fats, artificial food colors, and flavors, high sugar content, salts etc. Generally, it is a healthier and more convenient way to nourish your body regardless of your fitness goals.

Another reason I decided to make the Organifi Protein shake my favorite supplement is that it doesn’t have toxic substances like similar products which are loaded with lead and arsenic compounds. Since it doesn’t contain dairy stuff, I no longer have to worry about the chemicals which are injected into commercial-bred cows. The last thing I want is to ingest garbage after my gym workouts. I’m also relieved by the fact that my protein shake has no soy protein which contains phytoestrogens. This is also a great relief to men because phytoestrogens interfere with hormonal balance, specifically by inducing more estrogen.

Where to buy Organifi complete protein powder

Note that the product comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. They are available in sets- 1, 3, and 6. To place an order, go the official Organifi website and choose a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase. I prefer the monthly subscription so I never run out of the protein supplement. Furthermore, I find it more expensive to buy a single bottle at a time. But purchasing more bottles through the monthly subscription helps me to save lots of dollars. The other thing I like about the monthly plan is that I’m always assured of consistent supply even in days of low supplication by the manufacturing company. 


Final Thoughts


My last word

After two months of using Organifi Complete Protein, I can say that it is as good as the manufacturer claims. I haven’t experienced any negative effects like stomach upsets and I particularly love the vanilla version.

If you have been using other protein shakes in the past, I urge you to try this one and you will never regret. Many times, I use it as my lunch substitute during my busy days and I’ve just realized that it is the best meal replacement for a weight loss program. I know it might be hard for you to ditch animal-based proteins, but why not incorporate this Organifi product into your nutrition plan for a cleaner digestive profile? It doesn’t matter whether you are a meat-eater, vegan, or vegetarian; this protein/multivitamin shake is a greater addition to your routine.

Organifi Complete Protein Review No other protein drink matches Organifi Complete Protein. The five-star ingredients are what your body needs to support weight loss, immunity, and digestive health. The fact that it can replace a meal is a big plus. I would advise everyone to try this first-class recipe to enjoy the benefits of pure veggies and whole foods. There is no need to buy useless protein drinks that fill up your body with additives and toxic substances. Organifi Complete Protein shake is the only true protein shake.
Organifi Complete Protein
4.7 out of 5