Organifi Cacao Bliss Review

My experience with Organifi Cacao Bliss – Did it help my cravings?

Organifi Cacao Bliss Review: Kill Your Chocolate Cravings with A Bliss

My Organifi Experience

Sometimes, we deserve a little pamper and when you need to reward yourself, why not use a cacao bliss powder to make a hot chocolate and enjoy a blissful day. The superfood is so easy to make and you can have it wherever you are and for any occasion. As the days get colder you don’t have to depend on the usual sugar-loaded chocolate powders. This cacao bliss from Organifi family will completely transform your life. Ever since my friend enlightened me about it, I no longer need to rush to the vending machine and the good thing about it is that I always know what I’m consuming- super-healthy ingredients. It is something I can confidently serve to my guests and kids (when they are nagging me about chocolate). Its flavor that crushes my cravings has become my new addiction during movie nights.

If you desire chocolate treat, antioxidant galore, or a mood enhancer, this Danette may detox hot chocolate has all your answers. Unlike other forms of chocolates, it doesn’t bombard your body with artificial flavoring or unnecessary chemicals. It is raw cacao with a natural flavor and genuine ingredients that give your brain the tools to fight negative energy. For your information, the Organifi cacao bliss has a 95500 ORAC rating, meaning that its antioxidants are 30 times more powerful than common superfoods.

organifi cacao bliss ingredients

Danette May Cacao Bliss Ingredients

The creamy Cacao Bliss Powder is a mixture of raw cacao (sun-kissed) and nine other superfoods. Sun-kissed cacao means that the beans are not roasted but rather dried in the sun; so they have the full nutritional value. The powder is also loaded with nutrients and is mostly taken as hot chocolate to enhance the moods. You can also add it to delicious recipes like smoothies, desserts, brewed coffee, peanut butter, oat milk, etc. The following are the main ingredients- all are 100% organic.

How to Take It

There are many ways you can enjoy the cacao bliss. Suppose you want to make a hot chocolate: Use half a cup of boiling water, some coconut milk (a quarter of a cup), coconut oil (1 teaspoon), and one scoop of cacao bliss powder. Whisk the ingredients or blend them if you want a frothier drink.

Alternatively, you can add one scoop of the bliss powder to a cup of hot coffee. You may add coconut milk or oat milk and whisk them to enjoy a delicious latte.

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How Danette May Superfood Hot Chocolate Enhance Your Life?

Satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way

Organifi cacao bliss contains numerous craving-busting nutrients. Your cravings should not lead you to take sweet things all the time. The Cacao bliss is here to help you with your emotional or nutritional deficiency. When you feel like you really need chocolate, grab this powder and make a blissful mug of hot cacao. You will not only kill your cravings with an amazing drink but also promote your health with a handful of antioxidants. The best thing about it is that you will consume high-quality sugar from health-promoting ingredients like coconut, so you won’t add unnecessary weight.

Natural sweeteners to keep your blood sugar in check

Organifi gives us something that’s naturally sweet without spiking blood sugar. So it is diabetic-friendly. It cannot bring a pot-sugar crash if that’s your main concern. The natural sweeteners in this chocolate bliss superfood are specifically chosen to enhance glycemic control and maintain a steady blood sugar level while at the same time tasting incredible. You have nothing to worry because the sweetness comes from Mother Nature as opposed to lab chemicals that damage health.

Blissful ingredients

In the past, raw cacao was referred to as ‘the elixir of the gods’. No wonder, when you take it, you feel so good because there are certain hormones and chemicals which are released into your brain. Some of these feel-good elements include anandamide which is a bliss molecule; serotonin that gives you pleasure; PEA, the love chemical; and theobromine which helps you to relax. So, when you feel sad or lonely, don’t dash to the vending machine for chocolate; always turn to Danette May cacao powder for a healthy treat.

30 times more powerful antioxidants

Cacao surpasses typical superfoods (including goji berries, blueberries, and kale) by far in terms of antioxidant contents. Your body needs antioxidants to fight free radicals that cause a myriad of health complications. The powerful antioxidants from Danette May cacao bliss will improve your skin and heart’s health, improve your immunity, and boost your memory. 

Rich flavor

When I first made the cacao bliss formulation, my taste buds couldn’t stop asking for more. A single sip provides that chocolaty flavor you had been craving for plus a sweet-salty savor you always like. These tastes come from the carefully selected ingredients of the superfood.

Manage your weight

Perhaps you are worried about your waistline. Danette May cacao drink will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. But how is it possible yet the powder is sweet? Well, that sweetness pure- it comes from natural sources such as monk fruit, cinnamon, and coconut. If you are diabetic, you have nothing to     worry, it will help. Besides, it is totally guilt-free and you can enjoy it any moment. All you have to do is add the powder to your brewed coffee or make tangy desserts and snacks.


why should i take organifi cacao bliss


I think cacao bliss Organifi was formulated with people like me in mind. I mean, it’s like the company knew my health challenges and the goals I had set for the New Year. With regards to the ingredients, they are meant to improve my mental well-being and I‘m positive that I will feel my absolute best year-round. Do not allow the cold days to pin you down. I urge you to try this natural superfood, it will keep you energized and happier.

You can order the cacao bliss from the official website (Organifi). This is the right time of the year to enjoy a mood enhancer, immunity booster, and bliss-promoting hot chocolate. Don’t forget to share this lovely gift with your friends and family. 


Organifi Cacao Bliss Review I love that I can have it any time of day. I really enjoy it in my morning coffee. For what it’s done for my craving alone, I would highly recommend.
Organifi Cacao Bliss
4.9 out of 5