Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic Review

My experience with Biotic Balance Probiotic – How do I feel now?

Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic: The Ultimate Nutrition Balance Probiotic

Biotic balance definition

You must have known about the community of microorganism found in your body (the microbiome). Perhaps what you don’t know is that these microbes are more than your body cells and are critical to human life. Some of the microbes are beneficial while others are destructive. It is paramount to have a good balance so that the good guys keep you healthy and vibrant. But when the bad guys overpower the good ones, that’s when you start experiencing health issues because the good bacteria are unable to perform their jobs in the right manner. I have good news for you: you can create a balance of the bacteria by taking Organifi biotic balance. Let me clarify this for you. By consuming this product, you will be taking beneficial bacteria (the good guys) and the results are an abundance of health benefits.


My Organifi Experience

My real story

I still can’t believe the difference that Organifi probiotic has made in my life, particularly my digestive health. It has become a profound part of my daily routine. Before I started taking it, I couldn’t sleep well due to stomach upsets and bloated feelings. I turned to all sorts of antibiotics and at some point, my doctor said I had a sinus infection which was characterized by blood in my stool. What I didn’t know is that continuous intake of antibiotics gradually kills the beneficial bacteria, weakening the body’s defense against the bad microbes. I remember taking a series of the most powerful antibiotics hoping to knock out my tummy troubles. Unfortunately, nothing worked. I actually developed an intestinal inflammation which I later came to realize that it was related to excessive intake of the antibiotics.

I am not trying to say that antibiotics are bad. At the end of this Organifi probiotics review, you will get my point. The worst thing I experienced was a pain in my tummy that almost had me passing out while I was doing a business presentation in my office. By that time, I had lost so many pounds (which was none of my plans). I recall having a saggy face and my neighbor kept on telling me I look emaciated; I couldn’t even focus on my job. Luckily, I didn’t reach the point of quitting because the nightmare ended the day my brother recommended Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic. You may not believe this but within a week of taking the capsules, my life was already revived. I was able to eat normally, the tummy aches disappeared, and I felt brand new. What’s more, I recovered quickly from the flu I had developed. Today, I’m happy to say that my stomach is on point thanks to this wonderful probiotic.


My Organifi Experience

What’s contained in the probiotic supplement?

It has ten different bacteria strains that balance your microbiome. The good bacteria found in the product will improve your digestive health, help you with weight loss, and make you feel good by fighting fatigue. The product is vegan, organic, and gluten-free. Here is a list of the bacteria in the supplement.


The Lactobacillus bacteria strains are the biggest group of microbes in your digestive system. They are also found in dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Note that other probiotic brands include sugar-based ingredients, milk cultures, and fillers. But the biotic balance probiotics by Organifi is manufactured with a vegan lifestyle in mind. Don’t forget that these tablets are not medicine; they are food supplements without additives.

How to take Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic

This product is very easy to consume. You don’t need to mix and match like other types of probiotics. The one capsule is all you need every day. Do you need a reminder for this? I highly doubt.

What happens after taking the probiotic supplement?

As mentioned early, if the bad guys (bacteria) overpower the good ones, the situation starts to create gut issues. You could be wondering why you would be deficient in the good bacteria. The underlying factors are numerous from poor nutrition, too much stress, taking too many antibiotics (like what I went through) and so on. Now, when you start taking the probiotic tablets, they will re-balance the bacteria and your gut will return to its normal state.

Do not worry about the side effects. On my part, I only experienced mild gas and a little stomach upset which disappeared in a few days (when the bacteria levels reached a balance).


My Organifi Experience

Reasons you need the daily probiotic tablets

These are the top 10 benefits of taking this probiotic supplement.

  • For a healthy microbiome
  • To reduce inflammation
  • To enhance the absorption of nutrients
  • To fight bad breath
  • To minimize fatigue
  • To improve your overall mood
  • To enhance your skin appearance
  • To balance your immune function
  • To keep body weight in check
  • Blood sugar balance


My Organifi Experience

0ne-month money-back guarantee

Organifi wants to keep you satisfied because you matter the most. In case you are not happy with the probiotic tablets, you can send back the bottle and you will be given a refund. Simply contact the company and you will be provided a return address.



My Organifi Experience


The product comes in 3 quantity options: 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 4 bottles. Keep in mind that if you order one bottle of, you will be enrolled in the auto-ship program so that you continue receiving the product each month. Then, if you order the 3 or 4 bottles, you can take a one-time purchase or enroll for an auto-ship program (it’s up to you).

On average, from the biotic balance reviews, customers claim to experience positive results and I’m one of them. A few report no changes or they encounter difficulties with the shipping process. However, it doesn’t mean you will experience the same.

Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic Review I've had great results and with a 1 month money-back guarantee, you can send back the bottle and you will be given a refund.
Organifi Biotic Balance Probiotic
4.7 out of 5